We would like to request your assistance in completing and returning the following questionnaire.

The prime reason for the questionnaire is to assist us in developing a unique Strata Management Service Proposal for your Strata Corporation. Specifically, we need your input to assist us in allocating our staff and resources and your response will provide us with the background needed to enable us to prepare a competitive quotation that will meet your requirements and expectations.

Number of Strata Lots of Each Type


Bare Land
Mixed Use
$ /per unit plus GST

Site Photos

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Questions For Initial Discussion / Interview

Services Required

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In consideration of the level of services, authority, responsibility and extended period of many of the contract, strata corporations and council are encouraged to construct a checklist of duties unique to their strata corporations.

Here is a starting checklist of roles and responsibilities the corporation can outline to assist the Strata Manager in developing a proposal that will suite the needs to the Strata Corporation;


Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Monthly Financial Reports
Year - End Reconciliation
Investment Managing
CRF Planning
Annual Tax Returns
Audit Preparation


Service Contract Supervision
Employee Supervision
Employee Recruitment
Building Inspections & Reports
Maintenance Planning
Emergency Response
Risk Management
Sourcing Service Providers and Contractors


Attend Monthly Meetings
Attend General Meetings
Minute Taking
Minutes Distribution
Prepare Notice of General Meetings
Forms & Record Management
Registration at General Meetings
Record Keeping
Privacy Officer

Additional Information & Comments